Doonagore Castle On The Coast of Ireland

Doonagore Castle

                             Doonagore Castle In The Village Of  Doolin, Ireland

Doonagore Castle is a round 16th-century tower house in the village of  Doolin, Ireland.  The castle sits on a modest hill almost halfway between the small village of Doolin and the beautiful Cliffs of Moher on the oceanside.  It is only one of several castles in Doolin. Doonagore Castle is stately and beautiful amidst the green pastures on the hillsides of Ireland.  While this castle is not open to the public, it is a must see while on the County Clare Coast of Ireland.

Doonagore Castle is a solid round tower home surrounded by a beautiful Irish Courtyard. Surrounding the courtyard is a thick and sturdy wall, built for defensive purposes. With it’s elevated position, it was sure to have made an excellent lookout for signs of trouble. Doonagore Castle was designed and built in the mid-sixteenth century. There had been an earlier castle on this site that was built in the 1300’s.

With it’s high position on the top of the hill, it is used by many boats to guide them into the Doolin Pier. When they see this beautiful castle, they know that they have arrived and that the Pier at Doolin will be coming up.

Over the years, the castle needed extensive repair and renovation. The last major renovation was done in the 1970’s, when it was completly restored by Rex MacGovern a renowned architect. The work was done for an American named O’Gorman. The O’Gorman family still owns the home today and it is used as their vacation home.

There are no tours to the castle, as Doonagore Castle is owned by a private family.  It is the vacation home of the O’Gorman family, and as such is not open to the public. Other castles in Clare County, Ireland are Ballinalacken Castle, Dysert O’Dea Castle, O’Brien’s Tower, Newtown Castle, Leamaneh Castle and Gleninagh Castle.

There is much to do and see in Clare County. Many castles are open to the public and many times you can see enactments of key historical times. If you like living history, you will like the castles of Clare County.

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