Dragon Boat Races Taiwan

Dragon Boat races
Dragon Boat Races in Nan Liao Port Taiwan

Dragon Boat Races in Taiwan

The famous Dragon Boat Races in Taiwan is one of three major Chinese festivals. The Dragon Boat Races and Festivals are held on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month of the Chinese calender. The Chinese call this day Duan-Wu, which means “beginning horse mouth.” The “Horse month” usually begins on June 5th or June 6th on the Gregorian calendar, unless it was a leap year in the Chinese Calendar. Dragon Boat Races have become an international sport. It is popular in the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, Europe, and  Singapore, to name a few. It is not always held around the Chinese dates, as some are in July, August, or even September. Listed below are some Asian International web sites that might be of interest. This years 2015 Taiwan Dragon Boat Races will be held on June 20th and is a National holiday. These are large festivals and there are lots of traditional events and special foods. The 2015 Singapore Dragon Boat Races will be July 5th-6th. The 9th Boracay International Dragon Boat Races(Philippines) will be held on April 23-25. These links are updated yearly for current race dates. There is lots of time to plan a trip to your favorite Taiwan location for the races. If Taiwan is not on your calendar for this year, check out events closer to home and make plans to join us in Taiwan next year. No matter where you attend these races, it will be a day of memories.


A few major Dragon Boat Races in the USA and Canada are also listed below. Major cities across the nation hold this festival. Listed are the web sites for Canada, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.


The Dragon Boat Races are held all over Florida and the following web site lists the different events in Florida.


A short video of last years 2014 Nan Liao Port, Taiwan:


For more pictures of the 2014 Nan Liao Port, Taiwan event, see our web site at:




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