Dried Cuttlefish Snacks

Dried cuttlefish snacks at the coastal markets in Keelung Taiwan
Dried cuttlefish snacks at the coastal markets in Keelung Taiwan

Dried Cuttlefish Snacks In The Coastal Markets

Dried Cuttlefish is a premium product  from Taiwan. Cuttlefish is dried, specifically prepared and no refrigeration is needed.  They prepare the cuttlefish with sugar, salt,and  MSG.  Once it is fully dried, it will keep for up to a year. There is a spicier version also that adds chile to the seasonings. It is not extremely hot! This is a very popular snack in Taiwan and throughout Asia. It is made fresh in Keelung, Taiwan and you will find it fresh in all the coastal markets. From kimchi-flavored dried scallop gills to freshly dried cuttlefish, seafood snacks are everywhere. The market is full of dried squid and dried cuttlefish. Both of these are freshly dried in Keelung. What a wide variety of seafood snacks in the  coastal markets. Clearly the market favorites are shredded squid and dried cuttlefish. What a treat!

Dried Cuttlefish And Shredded Squid

Many people over the years have assumed that Cuttlefish and Squid are the same. That is not true! This has been a common mistake committed by many. Generally, cuttlefish are a group of marine animals.  Squids are one  part of that group. Whereas Cuttlefish can include squid, squid is it’s own animal. For those living in the Keelung area, you can not get them any fresher. What a privileged to shop in the coastal markets! Here fresh means that they are just dried. They taste fabulous! For the rest of us, they are packaged fresh and shipped world wide. Fresh for us has come to mean anything.

So What Else Do We Use Cuttlefish For?

Cuttlefish are not fish. They belong to the marine animal family called molluscs. They often can be found lying around the beach. They have a large internal bone, called a Cuttlebone. This bone is commonly found on the beach and used for birds to sharpen their beak with. This is the number one use for the Cuttlebone. Cuttlebone is sold in bird and pet shops world wide.

Dried Cuttlefish For Asia And The World

Dried cuttlefish is packaged and sold throughout the Asian world and even in the USA. You will find it in small packages for sale world -wide. What a delight it is to have the dried cuttlefish in the International Market. We may not have it freshly dried, like in Keelung, but we have it. We consider it fresh, as we do not know the difference. Dried Cuttlefish is good! It has an unique taste. It is the number one snack in Asia.


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