Dutch Chocolate Liqueurs

Chocolate Liqueurs

One of the smallest countries in the world, is one of the most exciting. The Netherlands is a very small picturesque country with a huge history of elaborate alcoholic beverages. Many of the brands that the world treasures comes from this tiny island nation. Heineken, Amstel, Bavaria are only three of the major world brands of alcohol. The Dutch are also known for their creativity, so why not combine two world favorites……..alchohol and chocolate!

With a new sence of creativity, enters other companies like Bols, Dekuypers, and Wennekers. In these distilleries there was born the Dutch Liqueurs, a famous chocolate infused with fruit, herbs, flowers, spices and roots. These flavors and aromas came from all over the world, as the Dutch traders brought some of the most exotic and rare treats home to The Netherlands. From the Far East to the West these flavors came. Thus it was in the Middle Ages we have the beginning of a national treasure of Chocolate Liqueurs.

In this amazing collection of liqueurs, we find many created for the healing of different aliments. The Dutch saw no reason for having to drink a boring Ginger tea, for example, when you could eat Chocolates infused with Ginger. What is even more exciting, is that the choices grow each year. Someone is always creating a new flavor or aroma cloaked in chocolate. When you enter the world of the distilleries, you embark on a chocolate liqueur adventure of a lifetime.

Join us in The Netherlands as we explore ancient traditions and old customs.  In The Netherlands we experience a simple way of life within a framework of creativity. Here is a love for all things old, including the old ways of healing, a craving for chocolate, and a desire for the best liqueurs in the world.


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