Eindhoven The Netherlands

Eindhoven Netherlands
Downtown Eindhoven in the Netherlands

Eindhoven The Netherlands

Eindhoven, a major and modern city in The Netherlands, is in fact the oldest city of The Netherlands. It began life as a small village and now is a major city of over 213,000 people. It is the fifth largest city in The Netherlands. Never the less, it is not a big tourist attraction. It does how ever have many interesting attractions within the city.

Eindhoven owes it fast and steady growth on the Philips electronics giant. As Philips grew, so did the city. As workers were needed, people came and houses were built. Although Philips has mainly become a part of history, the city has many streets and buildings that still carry a Philips Name. To this day, Eindhoven remains a technology hub for all of Europe.  In the last few years, Eindhoven has become the capital of Dutch design. This busy and modern city is historical and yet modern. What a city to just get out and walk.

Eindhoven is a city of museums. The Light Bulb Museum is a large museum and traces the history of the Philips company. Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst is next door and deals with light as an art form.  The DAF Museum has a collection of DAF cars through the years. The former district court-house is of interest itself and it also houses the Designhuis, a museum of modern design and innovation. Van Abbe museum is home to the largest collection of contemporary and modern art. The city open spaces has many different art forms in and around the city. It is certainly a city of art and artists.  It is home to most of the Artists of The Netherlands. There are many other historical and art museums scattered throughout the city. It is a city of museums!

One of the most interesting buildings in the city is the Evoluon, Noord Brabantlaan. This is a futuristic mushroom-shaped building. It certainly is a unique building. It was designed to resemble the current idea of what a UFO looks like. This unique building was built-in 1966 for the 75th anniversary of Philips. It is a symbol of all the technology achievements throughout the years. It used to be a technology museum, but at the present it is a conference center.

Eindhoven is a low-key city that appeals to artists, history buffs, and those who like to see the original buildings and things of Eindhoven.  Eindhoven is living history! It certainly is worth visiting on your next trip to The Netherlands.



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