Einhoven, Netherlands

Downtown Einhoven, Netherlands
Downtown Einhoven, Netherlands

Upon arriving into the Amsterdam, Netherlands airport I had decided to take the train to Einhoven instead of the rental car drive, and traffic involved. At first after being disoriented, and a kittle confused I found a ticket machine and was able to buy a ticket very simply with little effort. However to my surprise the ticket offered no information on were to get the train. So after looking around the airport some more I finally found a ticket counter with a person attached, and being able to help me. She kindly printed out a simple itinerary that had all the relevent information including my connection. Once I changed trains just outside of Amsterdam the trip took about two hours total, and was non a non event as I prefer.

Art Hotel Einhoven
Art Hotel Einhoven

Now in Einhoven I found a taxi to take me to the Art Hotel (Best Western) very close to station. If I had known I would have walked, and saved some time. The hotel interior is very modern as with newer buildings in this area. Now the room is not as nice, as the lobby but very space, and has all the necessities. The hotel does have WiFi but the signal is weaker than I would prefer. All in all the hotel is fine, and I do like the location being close to the train station.DowntIMG-20140215-00270own central is mostly shops with some smaller mall complexes mixed in. The decor is a mix a the traditional town, and modern art buildings. It takes a little getting used too, but it is relatively pleasurable to the eye. Shopping seems to be the main item of interest with many small eateries mixed in along the way.

Food here is relatively simple with meat, potatoes, and bread with many different styles, and textures to choose from. Lamb is on the menu here and was very good, and tender. The Dutch love their coffee going way back too their Indonesian colony days. They do have an international flair with Dutch and German being what I have seen the most, and Asian floating around as well. Now with that being said please understand that Dutch Asian food is more of a fusion, and a little different from what an experienced traveler may have found over in Asia.

Hospitality is delightful, and everyone seems to be able to speak fluent english. Only some servers seem to have an issue, and this can be over come with basic German words very quickly.



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