Exit Glacier: Kenai Fjords National Park Alaska

Exit Glacier: Kenai Fjords National Park Alaska
Exit Glacier: Kenai Fjords National Park Alaska

Exit Glacier: Kenai Fjords

Exit Glacier, where the glacier ice flows down the mountain and the many glaciers meet at the sea. Kenai Fjords National Park is home to 40 magnificent glaciers. It is a towering mountain of ancient glaciers! These ancient glaciers cascade into the frigid waters of the Gulf of Alaska. It is at the gulf, that mountain and glaciers meet. Here, in the icy glacier waters,  there is a wealth and abundance of sea life. These are the breeding grounds for Arctic birds, seals and walrus. Sea Lions sun themselves on the rocky shores. Whales feed in this abundant feeding ground. Porpoises play in the sea. What a terrific destination for your Alaskan adventure.

Kenai Fjords National Park is home to the Harding Icefield. This is the largest icefield in the United States. How beautiful this gigantic field of ice is, as it moves down the mountain. This glacier icefield is the source of 40 different ancient glaciers. The largest of these glaciers is Bear glacier. The park is just west of the town of Seward, Alaska. Seward is a major port for all the cruise ships that sail the Inside passage.
Exit glacier is the only glacier that is reachable by road. Exit Glacier has become a popular glacier for hiking. It is a short half mile hike from the parking lot to the glacier. There are many safe trails across Exit Glacier. It is possible to hike up the face of Exit Glacier in about 30 minutes. What an awesome hike! The Edge Of The Glacier Trail is well-traveled and has good footing.

Here at Exit Glacier you can re-discover your lost enthusiasm for nature. Nature is everywhere! Enjoy the bald eagles as they cruise the currents over the park on a sunny day. Laugh at the mountain goat, as she plays on the mountain. You will be in awe, as this fabulous animal gives birth by the sea. Watch the bears, as they frolic on the glacier ice. This is a unique environment that changes daily. It is waiting for you to discover its magnificent charm.

The remaining glaciers and the beautiful glacier valleys are accessible by air or boat only. Kenai Fjords National Park is almost 700,000 acres of pure beauty. Whether you choose to hike the beautiful Exit Glacier, or sail to Bear Glacier, adventure awaits where the mountain, and the glaciers, meets the sea.


For those living in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska is your neighbor. Why not make this the year, you discover the richness of this vast playground?  Grab your passport and pack your bags. Discover Alaska in the coming year!

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