Explore Travel Extreme Alaska Style

Explore Travel

Alaska Style

Our time adjusting to the Explore Travel Alaska way has had its challenges. The winters are long and the summers never end. During the winter we strive to stay warm and to explore at the same time. From ice sculptures in the North Pole Alaska to the ice sculpture competition in Fairbanks Alaska.Alaska Pipeline

With the short winter days leading us more and more indoors, it's important to stay warm and to have the proper gear. Photography and videography can be a challenge. We have also moved into the underwater extreme cold diving world. Since there are very few people who have the skills and gear to do so we will have some very unique content soon.

Explore Travel

It's always been our goal to use our skills and connections here to "explore travel Alaska" while keeping our content real moving forward. In the months ahead we will start having underwater photographs of different sea life. Most of the time people don't think of the underwater areas of Alaska and we will do our best to bring these new stories and the new content. From Salmon to Halibut living in the great underwater kingdom of the vast Arctic wilderness.




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