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With so many new ideas, and possibilities with crypto-currencies; we are happy to let everyone know that Superior Coin has agreed to be a sponsor, and we will be helping people to learn about cryptocurrency, and what superior coin has to offer travel bloggers, and other online entrepreneurs.

With this new arrangement we will be spreading the word about the different abilities of this new cryptocurrency, and what the community on kryptonia.io. By using this link you will see that you have signed up, and it’s connected to their affiliate program that’s in development.

We are holders of Superior Coin, and are holding these for long term, and look forward to the continued growth we think they have to offer.

People who join kryptonia.io will have the ability to earn crypto currency around the word via a mobile device, and to be apart of a larger community of people who are involved within many projects inside the industry at large.

As our team travels in Canada and the USA these next few months they will begin rolling our Superior coin to the people of those communities, and to post updates here, and on Steemit.

Consider Buying Superior Coin today at btc-alpha.com

ExploreTraveler Communities in the Philippines, Nigeria, Indonesia, and more have already started rolling out this new cryptocurrency with their friends and neighbors in their communities, and others around the world will be joining soon as well.

Thank you all for your continued support of our travel blog over the years.

Travel On!


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