Exploring Istanbul A Photo Tour Part 1

The Bridges Provide A Gathering Spot For Locals Who Just Want To Fish

Our visit to Istanbul Turkey enabled us the opportunity to tour the city at night. Most of the time people focus on a cities day time opportunities, but at night people are alive with activity, and Istanbul is very lively in the evening. The cafes, eateries, and excitement with people, and all of the sights are lit up to show their magnificence. Venders dot the area selling evening hot corn, and fountains are lit with color within the evening sky.

With a full moon we venture on walking around corners, and into dead streets observing along the way. Our night tour allowed us the ability to also drive around without traffic, and to stop easily along the way.

We hope you enjoy this small tour, and we will continue to add more photographs of this old and beautiful city as time allows.

The Art Of Making Turkish Coffee

From the bridges you can see the city in lights, and be apart of the evening fishing culture. Even the announcement from the draw bridge operator brings a certain amount of excitement.

As you drive around and speak with the average person, and drink coffee all along the way you will enjoy this ancient city within all of it’s glory.

A hot cup of Turkish coffee to help you on your evening tour around the city.

The Ancient Egyptian Obelisk Of Theodosius Of Pharaoh Thutmose III

The Haseki Hürrem Sultan Hamamı In Istanbul Turkey

Colorful Fountains Are Found All over The Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Exploring The Sultan Ahmed Mosque In Istanbul Turkey

A Culinary Adventure In Istanbul Turkey

The Ancient Egyptian Obelisk Of Theodosius I In Istanbul Turkey

Baroque Clock Tower In Front Of Dolmabahce Palace 

Exploring Off The Beaten Path In Istanbul


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