Fields Of Sunshine In Eastern Maine

A Field Of Sunflowers Bringing Happiness To Eastern Maine

Acres of sunflowers grow throughout the countryside of Eastern Maine.  Dazzling beauty just waiting to go to the local florist shop and end up on your kitchen table.

Sunflowers are a long time native resident of Eastern Main. They are useful as a food source, generous in sharing beauty, and beautiful to look at. They are so popular in Maine that you might think they would be the State Flower, but no, the State Flower is the Pine-cone.

Other fields of this beautiful flower are allowed to go to seed and find their way into a healthy diet, as Sunflower Seeds. They are one of the healthiest seeds waiting to grace your table.

Sunflowers can trace their origin back to the Native Americans of the American Southwest. To these Native Americans, the sunflower was revered and highly respected for it many uses. They were a major food source, provided oil for cooking, a source of medicine, and were used as a natural dye for cloth. The plant itself was also used as material for building. Not until after the Spanish came to America did Sunflowers become more global in use. With the advent of the traveling Sunflower, they became a beautiful curiosity, an ornamental accent for the home.

Another use that Eastern Maine Farmers are using sunflowers for, is their oil. This time, it is not for cooking, but rather to use in place of diesel on the farm. Farmers are hoping for fuel independence for running their farm machinery. Of course, in extruding all these sunflowers for the valuable oil, comes a by-product that is a meal and is able to be fed to the animals. This meal is very high protein and can be fed to animals to fatten up the livestock before going to market. This then becomes a win win situation.

So what are you waiting for? Come up north and walk through the fields of sunflowers. Let them add beauty and usefulness to your life!


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