Filipino Rice Farming

Rice farms near Carigara Leyte.
Rice farms near Carigara Leyte.

Filipino Rice Farming On The Rise

Filipino rice farming is a growing venture that  is becoming profitable for the farmer once again. Rice farms are becoming abundant throughout the country. They are beautiful to behold. Much of the rice production is in the Leyte, though it is grown throughout the countryside. Rice is the number one crop to be grown on the islands. The Philippine Islands, with approximately 78 million people, currently uses 90% of the rice that is produced in the country. In recent years the birth rate has grown faster than the production of rice, causing the need to import a lot of the needed rice.

Thanks to a new hybrid rice, production of rice has doubled. Filipino rice farming is on the rise! The farmers are doubling their production and their income. The goal is to not only grow what is needed in the Philippines, but to export rice to other rice consuming nations. Filipino rice farming is a 2015 success story!

There is an old Chinese proverb that translated says:” a family’s seven basic necessities are firewood, rice, oil, sauce, vinegar, and tea.” This wise proverb is true for all Asian countries, the Philippine Islands included. Having found a type of hybrid rice which allows them to double their production is a major success story. Filipino rice farms are making a come back and the outlook for 2015 is great.

One of the most pastoral settings is to watch a Filipino farmer working in the rice paddy. Filipino rice farms are becoming abundant once again. On your next trip to The Philippines, I encourage you to take a few hours and leave the resorts and the city behind. Take a short drive to the country, breathe the fresh air, and see the future of The Philippine Islands at work. There you will see all the small Filipino rice farms. They are green, abundant, and waiting for your visit. For more Filipino destinations, see our web sites at:

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