Floating Markets: Thailands Heritage

Floating Markets of Thailand
Floating Markets of Thailand

Floating Markets of Thailand

Floating markets during the years of 1350-1767 became important trading centers. Thailand has an abundance of rivers and canals that crisscross the country. These waterways provided the major transportation link for the local residents during this time. The soils on the banks of the rivers and canals are especially fertile and rich. These banks are the perfect place to grow the many fruits and vegetables that are so abundant in Thailand. Thailand is famous for Malacca grape, Chinese grapefruit, star fruit, mangoes, bananas, and coconuts.

During the years of 1782-1868 these markets were still a major way of connecting the neighboring farmers with the city dwellers of the central part of Thailand. In the late 1800‘s roads and rail networks were constructed in the country. During this time period, people began to prefer to use these roads to go to market. It was then that the riverside markets started to flourish. Many of these have survived till today.

Floating Markets in Thailand
Floating Markets in Thailand

These river communities also resulted in a number of floating markets. The Chao Phraya River Basin became a hub for these popular markets. Today you will find many markets that are mainly for tourists in Bangkok. Floating markets outside the city mainly cater to the local needs of the communities and are smaller.

The floating markets contain the stories of people’s lives and have a special charisma. Many of the main markets have been renovated and brought back to life. It is a major part of Thai life that allow todays generations to see the life of their ancestors in action. Tourists from abroad also flock to these markets. They have become sources of tourist revenue for the local farmers. Usually you will also find the riverside shops on the banks selling the many products and foods of Thailand.

Thailand is a fascinating Asian country to visit. It is not too early to book your next Asian adventure. While in Bangkok, be sure to visit the floating markets. Pick up some of the beautiful handicrafts found in the Riverside markets, grab some wonderful fruit off the boats, and try some native noodle dishes for dinner. For a list of some of the major markets near and in Bangkok, see the link below. You will also find the days and times the markets operate and directions for getting there. Also check out our website for more Asian destinations.



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