Fo Guang Shan Temple And Monastery

 Fo Guang Shan in Kaohsiung Taiwan
Fo Guang Shan in Kaohsiung Taiwan

Fo Guang Shan Temple And Monastery

Fo Guang Shan Temple is in Kaohsiung Taiwan, a town that is the literal gate to the mountains of Taiwan. It is in this setting that we can say that it is the mountain gate to liberalism. Fo Guang Shan Temple literally means “Buddha’s Light Mountain.” It is the first temple of the international Buddhist Progress Society. It is also the largest Buddhist monastery in the country.  Hsing Yun founded the Taiwanese temple in 1967. It is an order of Humanistic Buddhism. Hsing Yun often said that it was a combination of all Eight Schools of Chinese Buddhism. In this respect, Fo Guang Shan Temple is the mountain gate to Humanistic Buddhism in Taiwan.

Fo Guang Shan Temple and Monastery was established first in Taiwan. It grew rapidly in the mountain areas around Kaohsiung. It has been widely embraced by the mountain people of Taiwan. It is now found through-out the world. You can find temples in Japan, Korea, India, England, France, Brazil, and America.  Humanistic Buddhism is quickly spreading through-out the world.

Fo Guang Shan Temple and Monastery is a very  large religious walled city. Some of what you will find is the temple, many shrines, guest lodging, dormitories, offices, commercial shops and amazing gardens. It is the largest school and monastery combination in the nation. There are over 10,000 statues through-out the monastery. It is built on the top of a mountain and is designed in such a way to draw you back to the Dynasty times. The temple architecture is amazing. Some of the major shrines are The Great Buddha Land, The Way To Buddha hood, and The Seven Pagodas.

The Fo Guang Shan Temple can be reached by bus from the Kaohsiung Train Station.  The Kaohsiung Bus company is adjacent to the MRT and you should take  Bus 8010 or 8011. If you enter from the Pilgrims path, where the buses stop, and pass through the Non-Duality Gate, there is an information booth. Brochures in English are given out and include maps.

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