Formosan Rock Monkeys

Wild Formosan rock monkeys of Taiwan--- How many do you see?
Formosan rock monkeys of Taiwan--- How many do you see?

Formosan Rock Monkeys

Formosan Rock Monkeys must be one of the most fascinating creatures in the Taiwanese forest. Asia is so blessed with so many different types of rain-forests. These jungles are home to some of the most amazing creatures on earth. Jungle trekking is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself. When you are hiking into the Philippine jungle you will amazed with the colorful lizards. Go trekking into the Taiwanese bamboo forests and you will be face to face with the Formosan Rock Monkey. Ride  an elephant into the jungles of Thailand and see the many mammals and birds. Jungle trekking is awe-inspiring.  The jungles are fascinating! The animals that live in them each have a unique lifestyle that is precious.

The Formosan Rock Monkeys are mischievous and cunning. They can be impish and naughty, but are always playful. What a delight it is to hike into these bamboo jungles and discover them in their home. Here they are free to roam and play! They squawk and scold if you get too close. They are hyper and pesky. They love to show off! What is there not to enjoy about the Formosan Rock Monkey?

It is astonishing to watch the Formosan Rock Monkeys as they swing through the canopies of the bamboo and hardwood forests. They often play tricks on each other, only to find that they were the one tricked. They can be high strung with unbelievable  energy! They are dynamic as they care for their young! They still manage to show off. They are magnificent mothers! Their habits are mind-blowing. If you have never taken time to get to know them, it is time for a change. These Formosan Rock Monkeys are captivating. There is never a dull moment! Their capers are amazing.  Watching them is one of the rare privileges  of jungle trekking.

Make this the year you go jungle trekking into the bamboo forests of Taiwan. Listen to the many parrots as they chatter throughout the canopy. Watch the Formosan Rock Monkeys as they squawk at any invasion. Life is never the same in the bamboo forest. Each visit is unique. Each day awe-inspiring. Mark your calenders today. Make this the year you go jungle trekking.

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