Frosty Sod Roof Log Cabin In North Pole


                                             Warm And Cozy Cabin In North Pole, Alaska

Deep in the interior of Alaska, in the Land of the Midnight Sun, are small traditional log cabins with traditional sod roofs. Talk about a cabin that is warm and cozy. This is nature’s best work in the North Pole, Alaska. It may be cold outside, but inside this amazing insulation is better than gold. It is the Creator’s gift to nature being utilized in such a way to make a warm comfy cabin in the midst of a cold brutal winter. What is so great about a sod roof? How does this gift of nature work to our advantage? Let’s take a look at this amazing design!

The old traditional sod roof is beautiful to behold. Way before we were talking about green design, our forefathers designed this very appealing and eco-friendly roof. Did they even know the word eco-friendly? The benefits to the homeowner are fantastic. The living roof drinks in the carbon dioxide in the air and produces oxygen for us to breath. So scientifically it is outstanding. Another benefit of the sod is that it will drink in the rainwater that falls during the rainy season. All of those things benefit the air that we breath. The real question might be, how does it benefit the person living in the log cabin? Simple, the earth is one of nature’s best systems of insulation. With logs that are solid and cracks that are filled, and a natural sod roof, you will be warm on the coldest of nights. That in turn means less firewood that is needed to heat the cabin. In the summer, it also means that the cabin stays nice and cool on the hottest days. Wow, what a gift!

As you are now concerned about living green, take time to reflect on the many quaint small cabins of the Northwestern United States. Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature, happy and content to keep their families warmer and safer. Long before we even had the concept of living green, they were green. What an awesome concept for today and tomorrow!

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