Gatorland: Orlando, Florida USA

Gatorland Orland

Gatorland: Orlando, Florida USA

Gatorland Orlando in Central Florida is exciting! These big boys are amazing. Gatorland is the alligator capital of the world. It is home to hundreds of alligators, big and small. There are many ways to get up close! They love to pose for pictures. Venture into the swamps where they breed. Watch them as they care for their families, Feeding time is a frenzy. Experience the opportunity to get up close and feed these hungry big boys and girls. Make this the year you explore the swamp. The birds that live in these swamps are colorful and magnificent. You will find yourself just a few feet from hungry, giant alligators.

Screamin Gator Zip Line

Climb in and experience the adrenalin rush of a life time. Take a journey into the heart of Gatorland at 1,200 feet high. Experience Gatorland from the air, as you zip across the swamps and marshes. What adventure! Experience towers that are over seven stories tall. Zip from some of the worlds most amazing towers. The views are fantastic. Travel is style as you zip high above the treetops. Watch below as you see hungry alligators and starving cats.

Wild And Wacky Florida Nightlife

Gator Nightshine takes you deep into the marshes and swamps with only a flashlight. With only a few hot dogs, you will walk deep into the Alligator Breeding Marsh. The big boys are hungry and waiting. What an amazing opportunity! Get up close! See their eyes glow in the night! Hear your heart pound as you give out your hot dogs. What adventure! Move your light over the water. See the parade of hungry giant alligators come for a treat. Experience Florida in a new way! This is a swamp stomping adventure you will never forget.

A Photographers Dream Pass

Meet at the South Gate between 7:30-8:00 on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from January 29th through June 14th. Experience the famous Gatorland Bird Rockery. Photograph the giant alligators in the breeding marsh. Take photos of protected nesting, foraging, and roosting areas for over 20 birds. Many of these birds are on the endangered species list. What an incredible opportunity! Capture one of a kind photos. Observe these birds as they breed and care for their young. The real Florida is waiting! It is wild and without mercy! It is the land of the Florida swamps and marshes. It is mysterious, and full of secrets.  It is a Gatorland experience.




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