General Makura of the Twelve Divine Generals

General Makura of the Twelve Divine Generals at Ngong Ping Village with Tian Tan Big Buddha in the Background
General Makura statue with Tian Tan Buddha towering in the background on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

General Makura: Twelve Divine Generals

General Makura is seen standing proud with the Big Buddha towering in the background. Have you ever wondered why this is? Why do every time we see the “Twelve divine Generals” do we also see Big Buddha or the Buddha of healing? What is the connection? In many denominations of Buddhism, it is believed that General Makura and the other twelve generals are the protective deities or yaksha for the Buddha of healing or Bhaisajvaguru. Statues of the Twelve Heavenly Generals stand in Ngong Ping, Hong Kong and in the background is the Big Buddha. General Makura is only one of twelve statues. In the book, Tokyo Ravens, the Twelve Divine Generals were named after these Twelve Heavenly Generals.This book was intended to refer to people with extraordinary abilities and experiences. Throughout much of Asia, these twelve generals form a fundamental core in the belief system of the Bhaisajvaguru.  The people are devout and come worshiping. They come believing he is the key to their health.

In times of pain, sickness, or stress, the followers of Bhaisajvaguru meditate on his healing powers. His followers give Medicine Buddha the credit along with good nutrition and proper eating habits. This is not only true in Hong Kong, but is world wide. Tibetan doctors believe that their regular practice with the Medicine Buddha enables them to heal others. In both China and Japan, he is believed to be a refuge in times of illness. It is written in their sutras that all they need do is speak the name of Bhaisajvaguru in the ears of the dying to ensure they have a good rebirth. This overrides whatever kind of life they may have lived. Perhaps that is the reason why this statue is so popular with tourists. Yearly, thousands come here to visit and revere the Buddha. His followers are devout! Most come to worship! Others come believing that they will  receive healing in his name.

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