Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska


Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska
Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska

Tidewater Glaciers Fill The Sea

Currently the biggest challenges come from the frequent earthquakes in the area. Many of the quakes are causing landslides and inducing tsunamis that have reached to 1,600 feet. Lately there has been closures to many sections of the park due to these natural occurring challenges. Regardless, Glacier Bay is worth the effort to visit. Adventure is everywhere at Glacier Bay National Park.

Glacier Bay National Park is home to both the Grizzly and Black Bears. The mighty Grizzly is awesome to watch from a safe distance.  Regular residents include the Moose, the Sitka Black-Tailed Deer, Mountain Goats, Dall sheep and the beautiful Gray Wolf. Often spotted are the Canadian Lynx in all its beauty. Sea Creatures that call the park home are the Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Sea Otters, Harbor Seals, Steller sea Lions, Orcas, Minke Whales,and Humpback Whales. Bald eagles, Gulls, Waterfowl, and Salmon round out the residents of the Bay.

The regions of Glacier Bay National Park nearest to the Gulf of Alaska have mild winters with heavy rainfall. Very little snow falls near the Gulf of Alaska. The upper region of the Bay is very cold and has a heavy snow fall. In those areas with a shoreline you may see Alders and Devils Club growing. Hiking in the area can be quite a challenge. Between the wet tundra and the Alpine Tundra, coastal forests, the many glaciers and the wide fields of ice, hiking is extremely difficult and has been deadly. The best way to reach the park is either by Cruise Ship or plane. The best view is by sea! She is a beauty !

Certainly no Alaskan Cruise would be complete without a stop at Glacier Bay. It is the highlights of most cruise itineraries. Glacier Bay National Park is one of the many highlights on any Southeastern Alaskan vacation. Remember when traveling in Alaska to bring your passport. Canada is often on many tour itineraries.  Make this the year that you discover what is in your own back yard. Alaska is waiting to surprise and delight any traveler.

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