At Goldfish Market In Mongkok Hong Kong

Goldfish Market

             Good Luck Reflections At Goldfish Market In Mongkok, Hong Kong 

Are you in need of good old fashioned luck? Well, head on over to Tung Choi Street North in the Mongkok district of Hong Kong. It is time to visit the Goldfish Market. According to the art of Feng Shui, an aquarium of beautiful goldfish and other aquarium fish will bring your home luck, long life, and prosperity. This is the most prominent pet trade on the Island of Hong Kong.

The Goldfish Market Street is lined on both sides of the road with small little pet stores that feature fish of all kinds. Some of the small tropical fish are very bright and colorful. These little fish may be small, but they carry a high price tag. According to Feng Shui, having a large aquarium in your apartment living room is a bright and happy experience, sure to bring the household luck in everything they do. What family would not want a large aquarium of fancy Goldfish?

While wandering around the small shops, you may also see a few exotic pets, like a reptile, or a few amphibians. There are also some very impressive saltwater aquariums. These aquarium setups come  complete, including the Coral. Some of these Salt Water setups are so large, that they take the whole wall. The art of decorating with Feng Shui just got bigger and better. Welcome, to the world of Fish!

Take off from the main street and explore the many alley ways and side streets. Visit some of the higher floors for a taste of the unique and rare. It is here that you will find more of the specialized and rarest of the animals for sale.

Are you a fan of the Siamese Fighter Fish? This is one of the best markets in the world for these specialty fish. They have amazing colors with an extraordinary array of fin types. Many of these you do not see in the United Kingdom. For those wanting supplies, you will find a wide variety of aquarium equipment for sale, also.

If you are planning a trip to the Goldfish Market, wait till at least mid-day, as the shops open very late. Evening is the best time for a fish adventure at this specialty Mongkok market. You might arrive in the area mid-day and visit the Bird Market, wander into one of the quaint cafes for an amazing dinner, and then head on over to the Goldfish Market. These two areas of Mongkok are very close.

If you are ready for a Mongkok adventure, then anytime of the year is the perfect time to explore Hong Kong. Maybe you will find us exploring this unique and fun area.

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