Grand Hotel Taipei, Taiwan

2-0057_d_900After staying at one of the most famous, and beautiful Hotels in Taiwan, I thought I would write a review of the experience. First this hotel is a major tourist location, and tour buses show up all day. However staying at the hotel helps to bring out the ambiance of the location, with a certain old world feel and charm about.yuan-yuan

We stayed on the 9th floor in one of their prestige suite with a very huge deck overlooking the mountains and the city. Since we were in a corner suite the deck area was large and the view of the city was very pleasant.


We first ate at the tea room there with access directly from the ground floor only close to the front desk. The Dim Sum menu was very traditional Cantonese style, and we enjoyed it very much. The environment is also traditional in appearance with small tables with stools to sit on.

For dinner we ate the the famous Dragon Restaurant, and it was also traditional Cantonese style but had an immense menu worth trying by any serious connoisseur of fine food.

I will add some of our more unique as time allows.

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