Green Algae On The Lava Rocks


 Flourishing green algae on the surface of lava rock in Yehliu Cape Taiwan

An Endless Cycle Of Life And Death

Green algae on the lava rocks is extremely eye-catching! Lava rocks through the years have been cut by the wind and waves of the sea. Here the waves crash over the many unique rocks.  They endlessly  rise out of the sea. Many of these rocks are covered with a thick green algae. When the green algae dies off, it leaves the limestone and lava rocks to carry on. This cycle repeats itself each year. It is the cycle of life and death.

The Polishing Wind At Yehliu

The coast has endless rocks that the many volcanic eruptions over the centuries have deposited. All are loaded with green algae. Some are blasted smooth! Others have sharp coroners! Many are smooth only on the windward side. They are unique! They are filled with wonder! All have had relentless typhoon winds work on the rough edges. What an amazing place! This is the land of polishing winds and green algae.  Remnants of Taiwan’s violent past.

Why The Green Algae?

Every year the question is asked..”why the green algae? ” Every year is the same. The beautiful reefs and lava rocks are covered with the green algae. It then dies and the next year it repeats itself all over again.  The Taiwan Marine Biology Community spends many hours each year trying to determine why the algae returns, dies, and re-appears  each year. It is one of the mysteries of Yehliu. A mystery it is, but it is raw beauty. It is nature, clothing the rocks of the sea. It is nature, providing food for animals that feed on the algae. It is the endless circle of life! Photography opportunities abound. Canvases are waiting to be painted. Hiking trips and bike rides provide more than enough excitement. It is adventure at Yehliu Geological Park.




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