Green Island Lighthouse

The Lighthouse of Green Island is a beacon in the storms of Taiwan

                   Green Island Lighthouse

Green Island Lighthouse stands straight and tall on the white sand beach of Green Island, Taiwan. White walls sparkle on a sunny day! The skies are deep blue and the sand is pure white. It is a perfect symbol of success birthed out of tragedy. In 1939 it was probably one of the most needed things on the island. The lack of guidance in the sea saw the tragedy of 1939. The SS Hover, and American ship,  sank in these waters. After this catastrophe, the United States donated the monies needed for the building of the lighthouse. To this day, she stands tall and beautiful. Green Island Lighthouse is a symbol of the future. She looks out over the mighty commanding waters as she guides today’s ships safely through these dangerous waters.

                       Beacon In The Storms

During typhoon season, it is not uncommon for the Green Island Lighthouse to be quite busy. Tropical storms often dump huge amounts of rain on the island. The winds become intense as the storm’s approach. The harsh stormy seas become dangerous and Green Island Lighthouse steps up to the plate. Since the major catastrophe of 1939, there have been no major ships succumb to these wicked stormy seas. If Green Island Lighthouse could talk, think of the stories it could tell!

                         While On The Island

Accommodations on the island are scattered out along the road. It is not hard to find places to stay as long as it is not a public holiday. There are many small clean bed and breakfasts along the way. There are also several small hostels on the island. Many of the bed and breakfasts are within walking distance of Green Island Lighthouse.

There are many small cafes with good food and several have English-speaking staff. The people are extremely friendly and go out of their way to see that you experience a good vacation on their island. The food is good and the prices are reasonable. There are no cafes at Green Island Lighthouse, but several are within walking distance.


Green Island is off the east coast of Taiwan.  It is only a short flight (15 minutes.) The ferries provide a sometimes rocking &rolling 50-minute ferry ride from the east coast town of Taitung. Whether the seas are placid or a little rocky, the trip is beautiful and quite safe. There is no public transportation on Green Island. Most travelers  rent small motor scooters or electric bicycles. Those in good health can easily hike everywhere on this very small island. No matter how you get there, you are sure to enjoy the Green Island Lighthouse and the beautiful white sandy beach. Be sure to check out all the unusual rock formations that have formed on the island. Green Island is a fascinating place to visit and extremely beautiful.

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