Green Island Taiwan

174 (2)As we drove around the island admiring the scenery; with the wind and cold conditions it was hard to imagine that this place is a tropical meca in the summer. The people were great! and very helpful in all areas. There are some very amazing photo opportunities, and up on the highest point overlooking the sleeping lady rock would be my best suggestion for a great photo opportunity. The view gave an almost 360 degree view of a large part of the island. The island is a tremendous paradise for

Green Island light house
Green Island light house

photographers, and adventurers alike. Enclosed is the short itinerary we used for this short trip with some helpful details that others can follow.

Taitung Train Station
Taitung Train Station

Day 1:

High Speed Rail to last station Zuoying in Kaohsiung area. The we took the TRA train from the same station to Taitung for about three hours east. Upon arrival we called our hotel Narwin a pickup; and for dinner room service and rest for the next mornings boat trip. We really enjoy this hotel, and have stayed in on several occasions while visiting Taitung.

Day 2:

Early morning wake up for breakfast, and then we were off to the ferry terminal in Taitung. From our hotel it cost 350 NT for the taxi. We then bought ferry tickets for 480 NT person for the trip out to Green    Island. December is a rough time when going out by boat, but it was very exciting as we bounced up and down in the waves.

Monica's restaurant Green Island, Taiwan
Monica’s restaurant Green Island, Taiwan

On arrival our hotel (Bali Hotel Green Island) staff was waiting for us, and took us to the hotel Bali. The hotel was simple but straight to the point. The great staff is the major selling point, and we rented the hotel shuttle van to take us around the island.

Monica’s restaurant was open, and served up excellent food with local flare, and with very reasonable prices. We ate here twice, and really enjoyed the food, and the owner was really nice, and super helpful.

Several times we where not sure if they were opening just for us or not. We recommend this restaurant for the great food, and yes they speak english. So expect to receive good service, and an  unusual culinary experience with an island spin.

IMG-20131221-00189Day 3:

We went back to Taitung, and spent another night at the  hotel Narwin, and made it out to an authentic aboriginal restaurant there in Taitung against the mountain. It was outside dining in a rugged style that kind of gave us an aboriginal feel with the luxury of Chinese dining. The was very good with some Taiwanese flavors alongside some more earthy flavours we were not aware of.



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