Grizzly River Run Whitewater Adventure

Grizzly River Run

Grizzly River Run Whitewater Adventure

Grizzly River Run is the most breathtaking River Rapids Ride in the world. It is the longest ride of its kind worldwide. It is the tallest, with heights reaching to 46 feet . It is an incredible whitewater rafting experience that is both stunning and full of surprises. Grizzly River Run is a whitewater adventure at Disney California Adventure Park. This incredible whitewater experience is a wallop of adventure for thrill seekers of all ages.

Splash along a serene river that flows through some of California’s petrified remains dating back to the ice age. Drift through gigantic pine forests.  Meander through water-ways with age-old cliffs, ledges and overhangs. As you continue over a rocky bridge with magnificent waterfalls on each side you will be amazed by the beauty. You concluded your peaceful river ride through Grizzly Peak. Now, get ready, for the wildest whitewater ride on the mountain. Buckle up, this is Grizzly River Run!

Hop aboard your raft and get ready for the experience of a lifetime. Wander through a placid river. What a peaceful experience! Check out all the remains from the old mining company as you pass by. Enter a 275 foot conveyor belt as you make your journey up Grizzly Mountain. As you reach the top, splash through a foaming spring and then prepare to descend the mountain. Toss and turn out of control  among the raging whitewater! It is treacherous and breathtaking! Hold on tight! Waves engulf the boat. Massive water explosions engulf you in the wild and wicked waves.  Descend the side of the mountain at lightening speeds. And just as you think you are almost there, gushing geysers over-take you as you continue your decent over perilous rocks on Grizzly River Run. Then in the twinkle of the eye, you are back at base came. What a magnificent experience! So as we all meet back at base came, we laugh at the memories and ask…..Do you want to go again?

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