Happy Fourth Of July From Haines, Ak

Happy 4th of July

Happy Fourth Of July From Haines, Ak

Happy Fourth Of July from America’s 49th State. It was on January 3, 1959, that President Eisenhower signed the official documents which made  Alaska the 49th state. The new American flag featured seven rows of seven stars each. Until that day, Alaska had been a territory of the United States. Statehood required a minimum population, and that took a few years to achieve. Now everyone can proudly say, Happy Fourth Of July from Haines, Alaska.

The coals are heating on the grills! It is almost time to throw on the burgers and hot dogs. Women are busy making salads for the big feast. Children are running foot races. The sack race has just begun! What a day this is! It is the birthday of our nation! Happy Birthday, America!  What fun it is to join in the festivities! Excitement is in the air. The Red, White, and Blue is flying proudly from every village and town .  It is a proud day! Happy Fourth of July from Alaska! Every village has a flag! Anchorage, Alaska’s biggest city, has flags all over town. This is a day like no other, it is the day we honor our country. Adventure is everywhere! Today is the day, that Alaskan’s stand tall and reflect that this is their country. They are proud to be American’s! It is with excitement that bells ring in the church towers. Happy Fourth Of July!

As the day winds down, the night kicks into gear. Every major lake and river is ready to declare: We are American’s! We are free! The cannons shoot the fireworks into the night sky. Bursts of color are everywhere. The children are delighted. Snacks and drinks come out and the next party begins. Late into the night, tales are told, and children play in the land of the Midnight Sun! Another year is celebrated. Cakes with red, white, and blue frosting are cut! Happy Fourth Of July from Haines, Alaska!



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  1. Happy 4th. We had a great celebration here in Denver too. Glad to see that Alaska is so proud of our country! Thanks for the post.

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