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Christ Church

                                          Old Christ Church In Montpelier, Vermont

Old Christ Church is a historic Episcopal Church  in Montpelier, Vermont. This historic parish was founded in the year of 1840. The dedication of the original church was on September 8, 1840. The church was located on lower State Street looking toward Western Avenue. Western Avenue is what is currently called Governor Aiken Avenue.

In the year 1868 the parish built a larger new stone church on the current site. This is the current home of Old Christ Church. This beautiful stone structure is still used for worship and service to the community. This beautiful Gothic structure was constructed completely out of light granite. All local granite was used from the nearby towns of Barre,Vermont and Berlin, Vermont.The only part of the new building that was not made of stone were the roof and the clerestory, a raised section of windows admitting light near the roof. All this came at a cost of 30,000 dollars. That was a good amount of money for the 1800’s.  The new church was dedicated June 2, 1868. The building was officially blessed by Bishop Williams. Bishop Williams came up from the Diocese of Connecticut to officially dedicate and bless the building for the work and worship of God.

The original building extended an additional 108 feet by 55 feet, with a Gothic tower and a spire that went an additional 100 feet higher. In 1903  a massive fire destroyed much of the churches structure. In 1927 it was almost completely ruined by the flood that did horrible damage to downtown Montpelier. The parish managed to raise $36,000 and completely restored the beautiful structure that you see today. The gorgeous spire was permanently removed. What remains is amazing and beautiful. It is the rock that stands sturdy and tall on State Street.

Today, this beautiful Gothic building is the center of worship and praise in this unique capital city. It’s location is across from the State House and has earned it the title of:  “Cathedral in the Capital City.” What a spectacular Cathedral it is! The original courtyard has recently been re-done. This peaceful courtyard provides a sanctuary for all who pass by. It is a special place of uniqueness where the weary can rest. Busy statesmen often take their lunch there. It provides a quiet getaway. It is an Oasis in the Capital City of Montpelier!

If you are going to be near Montpelier, make it one of your must do’s. Montpelier and Christ Church is living history.  It is a history lesson that is still evolving.

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