Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Hollywood Pictures Backlot opened in 2001 as a tribute to Hollywood. Be a part of Hollywood’s  past and  present. Discover the Golden Age  of Hollywood.  Originally it was known as Hollywood Land. Hollywood Land came complete with massive gates and  elaborately carved elephants. With the re-invention of the park, only the pedestals were kept. With the new look, came the new name. Hollywood Pictures Backlot was born.

Discover the legendary Hollywood Tower Hotel and the Hyperion Theater. The Golden age of Hollywood is new again. The glamour of the 1930’s is everywhere. Even the dinners focus on yesteryear. Entertainment that is new again! And don’t forget the added Disney magic. What an experience! There are stage shows from Hollywood’s golden age. There is even a typical game show. There is the new! There is the quirky! It is all there in Hollywood Pictures Backlot.

Golden Age Of Dinners

The most amazing retro trolley car in Hollywood Pictures Backlot is home to Award Wieners. Make your nomination for the “best wiener in a supporting roll !” These are gourmet hot dogs straight from the golden age. Try the Sicilian Sausage Dog. This mild Italian Sausage is topped with pizza sauce and Mozzarella Cheese. What a treat! Vegetarians will love the Veggie Portobello-Mushroom Philly. Start with a grilled Portobello, add Onions and bell peppers. Then  sautée in Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale. It is topped with Pepper Jack Cheese. Now that sounds yummy!

Hot dogs and gourmet sausages. The fast food of the 1930’s.  At Award Wieners you eat outdoors street side. The tables are complete with large umbrellas. Hollywood Pictures Backlot is amazing!

Hot dogs not your thing? Check out Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill. It  serves a mix of Californian and Mexican cuisine. Their chicken and carne asada tacos are amazing.  Also on the menu are carnitas, burritos, nachos, and salads.

Another fabulous dinner is the Pacific Wharf Cafe. One of the fantastic specialities are their soups served in bread bowls. All their breads are homemade and their salads are the freshest. Healthy eating is exciting at the Pacific Wharf Cafe.

The Backlot Experience

Hollywood Pictures Backlot is a classical experience. Time is endless! Glitter is in the air! It is a living renaissance. Romance is alive! Experience the history of Hollywood! See spectacular epics! Hollywood Pictures Backlot features classics from yesterday. All the old is now new!  Experience Hollywood! Embrace the past! Relish the future. Hollywood Pictures Backlot has it all.



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