Hong Kong Delicacies

Hong Kong delicacies

                             Chicken Feet And Duck Feet Are A Hong Kong Delicacy

Welcome to the world of Hong Kong Delicacies! In Hong Kong, you can discover snacks from many nations. In just this one city, adventurers can taste and experience authentic cuisines from India, Europe, America, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam, and more. With so many options and choices, it is no wonder that Hong Kong is a food lovers paradise. If you relish gourmet cuisines from around the world, you will fall in love with this tiny gourmet food lovers island.

One really interesting adventure found in this food lovers paradise, is a chance to explore everything from a spicy authentic dish from Northern China to a bazaar Chinese favorite of Street Vendors. Chicken feet are an amazing delicacy from China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. So now that you are ready to dig into a plate of Chicken feet, where do you start? There is no graceful way to eat Chicken feet, so consumer beware! Grab your chopsticks, or use your hands, you are about to enter a whole new world of authentic Chinese gourmet specialties.

Two of the favorite styles of Chicken feet are Sweet and Sour Chicken feet and Braised Chicken feet. Sweet and Sour Chicken feet are white in color and a lot firmer in texture than the Braised Chicken feet. If you are new to eating Chicken feet, the Braised Chicken feet are a lot easier to eat. Asians love their Chicken feet, so most Asian restaurants feature this gourmet specialty full of collagen. It is believed that the collagen found in Chicken feet give the regular eater youthful skin.

Another one of the more unique specialties are Duck feet. The best way to eat Duck feet is to get it fried nice and crispy. Wow, now you are in food heaven. Duck feet can be pickled, cooked in a BBQ sauce, fried, or salted, but it must always be spicy. Duck feet is the number one gourmet Chinese street food in the world. So for a wholesome Hong Kong adventure, conjure up a plate of Duck feet and enjoy a slice of food heaven.

Hong Kong is a food lovers delight! So if you desire to embark on a food adventure, come on over to the Island of Hong Kong, where many cuisines are waiting to tickle your taste buds.


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