Exploring Downtown Hong Kong

Downtown Hong Kong

Exploring Downtown Hong Kong

Downtown Hong Kong is a wonderful place to explore. It is alive with culture! The Central District is full of awesome skyscrapers and fascinating streets. Downtown Hong Kong is the central political and business district of Hong Kong. In addition to all the older and modern skyscrapers are some of the architectural landmarks of Hong Kong.  It is also full of fantastic restaurants, and is home to a fabulous shopping district. Downtown Hong Kong is an amazing place to explore. So what are you waiting for? It is time for a Hong Kong adventure!

One of the landmarks of Downtown Hong Kong is the Cheung Kong Center. Located in the southeast corner of the Central District, it is a world re-known architectural accomplishment. Not only is it an efficient workplace, it is a modern work of art. Cheung Kong Center is beautiful! Another Hong Kong Jewel is The Bank Of China Tower. It is clearly the most recognizable of all the skyscrapers. What an amazing building! A short exploration of Connaught Road will bring you to The Hong Kong City Hall just Northeast of Statue Square. It no longer holds any government offices, but has become a home for different performing arts studios, as well as several libraries. And so your Architectural adventure continues. This area has way too many one of a kind architectural landmarks to list here. Older skyscrapers also mingle in with the new. Each tells a story, and is another fantastic piece of Hong Kong history.

The Downtown Hong Kong area is a shoppers paradise. This area is home to one of the most famous shopping areas in the city. Within this shopping area are several  big shopping malls. It is also flourishing with shopping streets. While in the area check out Li Yuen Street. It is a small area of several streets where you can buy almost any daily goods you might desire. There are shopping streets that cater to Buddha Statues, and others that have mostly antiques. Just take time to wander the streets and you will be surprised at what you will find.

No shopping adventure is complete without lunch or dinner. Within the Downtown Hong Kong area you will find elegant restaurants, small quaint cafes, and street markets with vendors of all the exotic foods of Hong Kong. The Downtown Hong Kong area is waiting to delight you with all the secrets of her streets. Anytime is a good time to explore Hong Kong. Today is an excellent day to book your Hong Kong adventure.



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