Hsinchu City And The Eastern Gate

East Gate Hsinchu, Taiwan
East Gate: Hsinchu, Taiwan

 Hsinchu City And The Eastern Gate

Hsinchu City was originally a walled city with four beautiful  gates. The original walls were built in 1733 out of bamboo. While this must have been beautiful, they were not long lasting. In 1826 Hsinchu City was given permission to rebuild the wall. The work was completed the next year.  Four beautiful  gates  were constructed .The Yishuang Gate in the west, The Gexun Gate in the South, and the Gongchen Gate in the North were all torn down in 1902. The walls and the three gates were demolished to make way for progress.  Their demolishment paved the way for the new Japanese road construction project. The only gate that was left was the beautiful Yin His Gate in the East. Latter this became known as the Eastern Gate. What a beautiful piece of history!

The beautiful Eastern Gate once was the main entry into Hsinchu City. The gate sits on a granite base with a beautiful arched walkway.  Above the arch is a beautiful building that was constructed out of wood. This building was later rebuilt out of concrete for durability. There are 24 columns which support the building. One of Hsinchu City’s  gorgeous upturned roofs adds immense beauty. There is a stone at the front entrance that tells the story of the Hsinchu City wall. A fantastic city park now graces the front of the gate. The park embodies the traditional and the modern architecture.  Hsinchu City is a beautiful and well planned community. Great pride is taken in their Eastern Gate. The Eastern Gate is a major Historic Landmark. Welcome to Hsinchu City!

Hsinchu City is a pleasant city. It has never been considered a major tourist area. It is a city of business and commerce. An excellent place to have a conference. Hsinchu City has excellent transportation services. There is also an abundance of quality hotels in the city. These qualities make it an awesome base from which to explore Hsinchu County. This beautiful mountain area is a favorite tourist location. Come explore Hsinchu county while enjoying all that Hsinchu City has to offer. Hsinchu County is exciting!

While in Hsinchu City be sure and visit the Morning Markets and the Night Markets. The markets are exciting! The fish is fresh! The markets colorful! The food is delicious. Be sure to discover Beef Noodle Soup! It is one of the national dishes of Taiwan. It is fast! It is easy! It is delicious!


The Ambassador Hotel has an excellent buffet. The buffet features Chinese, Western and Japanese cuisine. It is a magnificent buffet! The choices are endless! The food is delicious! The service is outstanding!


With so much to see and do in Taiwan, why wait? Adventure is waiting!  Pack your bags and grab your passport. Make this the year you discover Taiwan.






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