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Living and working in HsinChu Taiwan

By ExploreTraveler: HsinChu Taiwan is within the northern portion of Taiwan, and is home to some strong cultural differences. You have the influence of the Haaka culture, and the aboriginal difference in the mountains surrounding the city. We have been living here in HsinChu Taiwan for almost three years now, and we rarely are surprised these days. Life here in Hsinchu city centers around the High Tech Industrial Park, and all of the vendors who support it. Traveling around HsinChu county is straight forward; however getting used to the large amount of scooter takes some time. Most people seem to get up in the morning late, and stay up late. This area does have more disposable income so there are many things to see and do here. Movies in 3D to every international cuisine available. Local style food is still priced reasonable; however prices are rising quickly.

Night life here is centered around food since most people work and don’t cook to much. Scooter, and automobiles wrangle for positions in the mornings, and evenings with the most sought after areas where food is famous. Now we have not been able to determine the difference of beaf noodle from a famous one hour wait to a location that takes five minutes. But for the locals food quality is king, and they do seem to find a difference.

We have enjoyed the latest movies here from around the world to include all US new releases in IMAX, and 3D formatting. The mall here make San Diego look back with its high tech appearance, and high quality items. However shopping is not cheap, and we buy most clothing items while in the US since size, and costs are a concern.

So if you are willing and able we recommend working here in HsinChu Taiwan, and to experience Taiwan on a ongoing basis.

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