Ice Fog In The Interior Of Alaska

ice fog

                                             Ice Fog Near Fairbanks, Alaska

A fog so thick, you can cut it with a knife. When the temperature often is around a negative fifty! You heard it right, a nice ripe -50 degrees fahrenheite.  Ice crystals hanging in the air, fresh snow on the ground, that will soon be fresh ice. The trees are laden with a thick layer of snow, but then you see that it is not snow, but rather, it is a frozen fog. This is a day in the winter when the temperatures drop way down in the negatives. Welcome to the Alaska Interior, the Land Of The Midnight Sun.

In the long cold Alaskan winters the sun is well hidden for much of the day. This is the time of year for blizzards, and yes, a thick fog with crystals in the air. A fog where if you are caught out in it, you often need to follow the closest light to get home. For those who have had the joy of winter driving, where a clear day quickly turned to ice fog, they know, that all you can do is inch your way home. The arrival of ice fog can become man’s greatest nightmare. This is a winter treat for the Land Of The Midnight Sun,

So what happens when your day is suddenly filled with this thick icy fog? What can you do when the snow that you are driving in quickly becomes a winter slide? All you can do is slowly inch your way back home. The old timers have a tradition of leaving a light on in the window facing the closest road. That way, if you can not see the road, you at least can see the light. Anyone that can not find their way in a blizzard or ice storm, is always welcome in a home with a light in the window. There you will find a blazing hot fire, warm soup, and a hot cup of coffee.

Alaska is a land of many traditions that have come about out of necessity. It breeds people who care about other people. People who have learned to survive by helping their neighbor are in the majority. While everyone looks forward to the summer, when the sun will never set, they also know there is much to enjoy in the long winter at hand.So for today, we find that we are in winter and the moon is the ruler of these days.

So put on another layer, and stoke up the fire, as this is the perfect day for a good cup of tea and a well loved book.

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