Igloo At Mile Post 188.5 Parks Highway

Igloo City, Alaska
Igloo City, Alaska

Igloo At Mile Post 188.5 Parks Highway

Igloo is the greatest surprise on the road. Your driving along and then you see it? It really is an amazing sight. There is no town! There are no stores! There is just an igloo!

It is a giant unfinished wooden structure that is covered in white foam. It is an Alaskan motel, that never made it. So it sits and rots! It is a road side marker for those driving north on the Parks Highway from Anchorage to Denali State Park. It is a conversation piece! It is The Igloo!

Anyone seeing it for the first time, is sure to stop. Wander across the snow to look inside and you will see, nothing! It is massive in size! It is empty! It was never finished! It has no fire escape! It is the motel that never made it.

The other astonishing factor is this is not even the area of Alaska where igloos were ever made. The igloo sits on Athabaskan Tribal lands. The Athabaskan Nation never made igloos. There is not enough of the proper snow to make igloos. It is not cold enough! It is way too far south!

So what else can we say about the igloo? There is absolutely nothing more to say. There are few other buildings in town. In fact, there is no real town! The town of Cantwell has 102 households as of the last census. There is a lodge and a few small bed and breakfasts. It is approximately 20 miles south of The Denali Park entrance. Summer activities include mountaineering, wildlife viewing and bird watching. It is also a good area for hiking, camping and fishing. So what of the igloo? It sits and rots!


Mile 188.5 Parks Hwy, Cantwell, Alaska 99729, USA  (907) 768-2605

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  1. Ha, it’s been sitting there rotting for longer than the 28 years I’ve been alive. My Dad even remembers it as a kid going thru Cantwell. I like to call it the halfway mark to Fairbanks.

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