Indigenous Peoples Of Southern Taiwan

The indigenous peoples in the southern mountains of Taiwan
The indigen

Indigenous Peoples Of Southern Taiwan

Indigenous peoples of the Southern Mountains of Taiwan were possibly the original inhabitants of the island. These proud people over 6000 years ago, started building what is now known, as Taiwan. Who are these proud, friendly, and industrious people? Why are they called the Mountain People?

They are the Austronesians who settled many of the islands of the Pacific Ocean including Taiwan, Indonesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Taiwan has 9 different tribal groups of the Austronesians and some surmise that perhaps Taiwan was where they all originated and fanned out from. However that happened, they are a friendly and delightful people. Each of these nine tribal groups has a unique piece to the puzzle, that makes up the Mountain People of Southern Taiwan.

The Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park, located near Santimen in the south, has several houses that have been designed to look like the Aboriginal homes of times past. You will also find platforms where traditional song and dance performances by the Indigenous peoples are held. These are a talented and successful people. Contrast this with nearby Doll Valley and you will see how they currently live. Here you can see the life-styles of the present-day Aborigines. The Indigenous peoples of Taiwan have a very modern, but unique, life style.

If it is your desire to have a detailed look at what the  primitive culture may once have looked like, look no farther than the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. It is complete with fantastic village costumes and housing that are sure to delight any guest. Be sure to check out the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village near Sun Moon Lake. It is fun, and educational. This is one of the most complete historical encounters with the people of the mountains. Here you will get an introduction to the many tribes that make up the Southern mountains and their unique customs and culture.

Southern Taiwan has many delightful places to tour, and you can easily spend several days in this region. It is living history! It is the story of the Indigenous peoples of Taiwan. Check out the links below to plan your next Taiwan vacation. This is the year to discover, Southern Taiwan!

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