It’s A Lovers Paradise In Taiwan

Lover’s Bridge Danshui Taiwan 

This is the perfect time of the year for a visit to Danshui, Taiwan. Excitement is everywhere. While families are preparing for New Year and children are dreaming of candy, the young lovers, are dreaming of romance. As you are about to enter Danshui, you see it, sparkling in the sun. You have just gotten your first glimpse of “Lover;s Bridge.”

This beautiful white bridge is only about 643 feet, but it stands beautiful and unique, calling to all the young lovers. The couples come each night to make the short walk across the bridge, stopping at the top, to view spectacular sunsets. It is the perfect interval of time and distance, it is a short romantic stroll. Hand in hand, they come and go.

The Lovers Bridge At Danshui Fisherman’s Wharf In Taiwan 

This unique and amazing wharf was planned to encourage fishing, sightseeing, and romance. Here you will find free art festivals and concerts. But most of all, the scenery is incredible! What better place for the young and hopeful to spend a short time together!

Romantic Moments On The Love River

Lovers love to stroll her banks, which are lit up each night. The beautiful blue lights highlight small cafes just waiting to serve those strolling by. Hand in hand they walk the path on the river’s edge, stopping to enjoy beautiful sunsets. River cruises offer short sightseeing tours and dinner cruises cater to the romantic.  The Love River gets it’s name from the Qiqiao Festival, where legend says that a cowherd met a weaver girl every year. Thus this river has become a symbol of love.

Love is in the air, as couples gather to celebrate their love and dreams. The Asian World is putting the final touches on their plans for the New Years Celebration, the children are dreaming of candy, and the lovers dream of love. Are you ready to join with the Asian World in Celebration?

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