It’s Time For BBQ In Texas USA

  Strap On Your Boots For The Best Slow Smoked Over Wood Coals Texas BBQ

If you haven’t had a good old fashioned wood BBQ in Texas, then you haven’t had good BBQ. It’s filled with smoky goodness, complete with sauces dripping from the meat.  Stay a while in Texas and you will learn all the secrets to being a master Texas BBQ chef. Discover the secrets of grilling with wood over a campfire. digging a BBQ pit, or even using that grill on the porch. No matter if you dig a pit, or buy a pit, the secret is in the wood.

When you learn to BBQ in Texas, you will surely take BBQ to the whole new level.  When you put a chicken on any grill, it is full of grilling goodness.  Then you add all the fragrant  wood smoke to the scene, and you just kicked it up to the next level. Now, we are grilling Texas style.

Being in Texas, it is easy to get drawn in to a simpler time, where things we done more natural. Cooking on wood over a pit is natural goodness, rustic living, and doing things the basic way. Man has cooked over an open fire for centuries, It is time to preserve this natural way of cooking. When you cook with wood, you have smoke, and smoke makes Texas BBQ goodness any place or any time. Come on down to Texas, and lets celebrate!


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