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Today is an interesting period of time for people of the technological age. Governments and companies keep trying to squeeze money from the pockets of their middle class, and yet some of these people are resilient. The last major world economic disaster was in 2007-2008 and soon after Bitcoin become a reality. Slowly people within the technical realm began to play around with it, and small business began to spring up around the concept. In 2013 the price jumped above $1000 and then there was a scandal with a company where bitcoin was stolen. The stolen coin caused a mini crash and to governments around the world the laughed. But not only did the middle class technical crown not give up to sprang into action and started even more ventures and crypto coin currencies have been designed and developed on this technology all around the world.

Within the end of 2016 the price of bitcoin hovered around all time highs, and then the government of China began to try to manipulate the price by controlling investors there. Again in 2017 they caused peoples accounts to be halted and their ability to Bitcoin slowed down but not stopped. Each time there is government intervention into what the people of the world have declared financial freedom away from a policy of buying power destruction the people now bounce back.

At this point it should be clear that no amount of regulation or government manipulation will stop us from a future of financial of security. We will strive to provide ideas where you can participate with us in investing, mining, and learning the concepts and platforms used by others to gain real earnings!

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JOHN J GENTRY'S BIO:John J Gentry is a lifelong adventure travel enthusiast and international manager, Philanthropist, and ex-solder. Spent 2011-2015 developing an international team in HsinChu, Taiwan.Early on he spent the better part of the 90’s working with the US Army in Germany, Iraq and Kuwait. For kicks, he studied in Alaska 2008-2010 international history for a greater understanding in his adventure travels.He has had some great experiences, and successes traveling around the world documenting his travels with his family via

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