Jungle Cruise At Disneyland

Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise first opened on July 17, 1955. This adventure ride is based on Disney’s award-winning movie, Jungle Cruise. Jungle Cruise opened with a serious side and a lot of education. In 7 minutes you will explore the jungles of the world. Here you will rendezvous with exotic animals in some of the remotest rivers on earth. Experience the famous Mekong River! Explore a shrine that is home to baboons, cobras, and crocodiles. What an adventure the Mekong River is! Explore the African Congo! Look, there is a python! Visit a site that has been taken over by gorillas. Can you imagine the Nile river? Here you will see elephants, hippos and even tigers. Then there is the beautiful Amazon with it’s canopy of green trees. What out for the anacondas and piranha though.

On The Wild Side

This is a theme park where you will encounter the wildest of the wild. Here you will see tigers, gorillas, and elephants. Be careful though, I have heard rumors that there are head hunters out there, also. You will trek through jungles and run across giant anacondas. Here in the jungle are some of the most dangerous snakes in the world. You will encounter some of the wildest animals.  Elephants are awesome and beautiful. Be-careful though! These are some of the largest mammals in the world and scare easily. You do not want them to stampede.

Enjoy all the awesome wonders as you explore the world’s most dangerous rivers. You will leave civilization behind! You will venture across continents. Experience the delight of cruising oceans! Enter into waters so dangerous, that men fear to explore.  You will see it all in the famous Jungle Cruise! This is a premier theme park experience! Join us in the Jungle Cruise! Take a walk on the wild side!


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