Junk Food: Alive and Well In Asia

Junk Food at the Airport
Goodies at Manila Philippines Airport.

Junk Food: Alive and Well In Asia

Junk food availability  is the second most asked question in my inbox so far this month. Americans have a love affair with their Hershey’s, Krispy Kreme,  and other all American comfort foods. Hershey’s Candy Bar is by far the favorite, as Americans must have their chocolate. Krispy Kreme Donuts are a close second. There is something about those donuts. They are a must have!

Glance at the picture and you will see every kind of junk food or comfort food there is. You can buy them all in Asia. Every major airport has stores with shelves stacked full of American favorites. It is widely known that if Americans can not get their donuts and candy bars, they will not be happy. No one wants Westerners to stay home. As I came through several international airports in 2014, I found that you could  buy almost anything your sweat tooth wanted. Candy bars and chips are everywhere! Unfortunately, Junk food is on the international scene and seems to be here to stay. While eating at a major Asian Buffet, I even saw the Classic Macaroni And Cheese. As I was content trying Asian dishes, I do not know how well they did.

You will also find your favorite Fast Food Restaurants. McDonalds, Jack N The Box, KFC, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Duncan Donuts and Krispy Kreme are just a few of the main players. If you are looking for coffee shops, you will find Starbucks all over town. There is even Seven-Elevens!  Asia is following in love with junk food.

In Japan, there are 350 McDonald’s franchises and 649 KFC outlets as well as others. McDonald’s and KFC are the two largest chains throughout Asia. Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan all have several fast food chains in the country. Business is booming in Asia.  Thailand is the strangler, but even there ,they are becoming viable businesses. Asians are now liking their hamburgers. Junk food is here to stay, in Asia!

This is the year to explore the world. Asian food is really awesome and there are plenty of choices. But if you can not do without that chocolate, it is here waiting for you at an Asian Airport. There is plenty of junk food at the airport. What are you waiting for? Pack your bag and grab your passport. It is time to book that dream vacation.








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