Kahupian Sogod In Southern Philippines

 Brgy Kahupian Sogod

 Kahupian Sogod In Southern Philippines

Kahupian Sogod, a mountains region in southern Philippines, is amazingly beautiful. These mountainous jungles are the deepest green. In the mornings, these mountains are covered with a gentle mist! They are like shrouds of mystery in the sky!  The mountains are extremely high! They are thick with vegetation!  They are both jungle and mountain. Welcome to Kahupian Sogod…..the city of five mountains!

The jungle is alive with unbelievable beauty. It is high! It is rural, It is remote! It is worth all the effort needed to discover these majestic mountains. In Kahupian Sogod, the jungle meets the mountain. It is thick! It is alive with the sound of wildlife! Join us as we explore Barangay Kahupian Sogod, a treasure in Southern Philippines.

Sogod was founded in the 1600’s. It became a regular municipality on June 10, 1853. Kahupian Sogod was one of the few indigenous settlements on Leyte Island before the Hispanic era. As such, the area is rich in native culture.

Rugged mountain peaks cover the town’s Northern side. These steep slopes are made up of thick rain forests. These rain-forests provide the perfect habitat for many rare species of plants and animals. One such species is the Philippine Eagle. This eagle, with it’s enormous wing span, is magnificent to watch.  There are twenty four mountains in Southern Leyte. Five of these mountains can be found in Sogod. These are the mountains of Bitanhuan, Cagbano , Capuloan, Llave and Panjongon. Imagine, if you can, five mountains in one community! They are the essence of  profound beauty! They are magnificent!

This is the perfect adventure for the active explorer. If you enjoy horseback riding, there are many trails into the mountains. Join a group and explore these 5 mountains from horseback. What an amazing way to see Sogod! If you prefer to ride the trails solo, horses can be rented for individual exploration. Which ever you decide, you will find adventure! Enjoy some of the finest horses in the Sogod.

Sogod is a Mountain Bikers delight! The trails lead deep into the mountains. Adventure is everywhere! They are a challenge! They provide unique vistas. You can stop and enjoy lofty views! A bike trip through these amazing mountains is exhilarating! It is an exercise for all the senses. Feast your eyes on the beautiful vistas! Listen, as the birds call out to each other. Take time to immerse yourself in the native lifestyle. Enjoy the trails of Sogod.

If you enjoy being active, there is much to do in Sogod. Come and discover these magnificent mountains. Commune with nature in a whole new way! Come join us, at the mountain top!



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