Kaohsiung Lantern Festival Taiwan

Kaohsiung Lantern Festival along the Love River in Taiwan
Kaohsiung Lantern Festival along the Love River in Taiwan

Kaohsiung Lantern Festival Taiwan

Kaohsiung Lantern Festival is the highlight of a week of festivities. It is the climax to the New Years Celebration.  Lanterns are everywhere up and down the Love River, as people dance and rejoice in the New Year. What fun! Laughter fills the air! The children rejoice! New Years is a time of celebration, families being together, and festival foods. It is the time to welcome with gusto the coming year. It is a time filled with hope for prosperity and health in the new year. It is a time for the people of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to celebrate and be one voice. All of Asia welcomes the New Year!

The Kaohsiung Lantern Festival is the scene of every shape and style of lantern.  Often families buy elaborate lanterns of different animals and different shapes. However, many families make lantern making a family time.  Some are simple to make and the youngest child can make their own. Lanterns  can also be very complex and involved.  Regardless of how humble the lantern, they are all beautiful. On Lantern Festival the Taiwanese express their heart of celebration, and thankfulness of blessings past and hopes for the New Year.



Where ever you are in the world, you can join any China Town in the celebration of New Years. There are Lantern Festivals wherever you find the Chinese.  This is the time of the year when all of Asia welcomes The New Year. Kaohsiung welcomes the New Year with dances and light shows on the Love River. The Water Dance and the Light Displays are out of this world.  This years Kaohsiung Lantern Festival is coming to a close, but there is always next year. Join us for the next lantern festival! It is fun! It is never too early to plan next years New Year’s Vacation in Taiwan. Today is the day to make plans to join us in next years New Years Festival. Grab your passport and pack your bag. Make your reservation! See you in Taiwan, at the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival.



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