Kaohsiung Martyrs Shrine 高雄市忠烈祠

Kaohsiung Martyrs' Shrine 高雄市忠烈祠
Front gate of the Kaohsiung Martyrs  Shrine 高雄市忠烈祠 resting on the southern slope of Shoushan in Taiwan

Kaohsiung Martyrs Shrine 高雄市忠烈祠

Kaohsiung Martyrs Shrine is one of the nicest examples of Classical Chinese Architecture on the Island. It is simply delightful! Like many of Taiwan’s religious centers, it is located in a beautiful and scenic area.  Kaohsiung Martyrs Shrine sits high above  Kaohsiung City proper on the hills of Shoushan Village. Kaohsiung Marytrs Shrine is on the Southern side of Shoushan. Breath-taking views of Kaohsiung can be seen from its lofty location. Shoushan’s sloping hills provide many excellent hiking trails for the adventuress traveler. Hiking along the hills of Shoushan is an experience of a life time! You will have spectacular views of Kaohsiung below. There is nothing that you can not see!

Kaohsiung Martyrs Shrine is at the site of a former Japanese Shrine. The architecture on the many historical buildings is amazing. Kaohsiung Martyrs Shrine is in the Gushan District. The Shrine is an important cultural center from the Japanese Occupation period. It has seen Kaohsiung’s development since the Japanese Occupation. This Shrine is living history. Think of the stories these walls could tell.!It has been well preserved as an Historical Site. The beauty of design is fantastic. It is like a living museum. It is the story of Taiwan!

The site of this amazing shrine was the site of the Takao Kotohira Shrine  that was built in 1910.  Takao Kotohira Shrine was dedicated to the worship of Omononushi-no-Mikoto and Emperor Sutoku .Latter, Prince Yoshihisa was added as those who should be worshiped. The name was changed in 1920 to  Takao Jinja. At the close of  World War II, shrines of remembrance were set up through out Taiwan.These were  to remember the soldiers who died during the War. Takao Jinja was slightly renovated in 1946 to serve as a martyrs’ shrine. In 1972, ties with the Japanese were severed and the people cried out against the Shrine. It was then demolished.

The Shrine was re-built to be the Kaohsiung Martyrs Shrine in 1978. The new shrine was modeled after a Martyrs Shrine in Taipei.  Both shrines reflect a traditional Chinese classic design. They are a must see while in Taiwan. For those who love to see the different architectural designs on the island, this is one you will not want to miss. The main hall is built like a traditional Chinese palace.  There are  figures of many gods throughout. It is beautiful and amazing! It is well preserved!  It is the living history of Taiwan!




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