Kaohsiung Night Markets

Kaohsiung Night Markets
Kaohsiung Night Markets

 Kaohsiung Night Markets: The Center Of Night Life

Kaohsiung night markets are some of the most exotic night markets on the island. Kaohsiung Night Markets  are a must see on any Taiwanese trip. There is every kind of Taiwanese snack you can imagine at these markets. You will also discover many other exotic snacks from around the world. Each night market has it’s own atmosphere and flavor. Some of my favorite markets are normal city streets in the daytime. At dusk, these same streets, are blocked off to cars and they transform into busy markets. There are other markets that have established locations. These markets are closed in the day and open in the evening.Kaohsiung night markets usually open at dusk and continue till around midnight. The night market is a Taiwanese experience that you will not forget quickly. It is the center of night life in any Taiwanese city.

Two of the largest night markets in Koahsiung are Liu He and Rui Feng Markets. Both of these markets are very busy and draw many people from outside Koahsiung. There are many other markets that are smaller with a local feel. In these markets you can avoid the crowds and often find the best bargains. It is also in the small markets that you can discover the real Taiwan.

Kaohsiung Night Market
Fresh Fish At The Market

Two of the newer markets in Kaohsiung are Jin Zuan and Kai Xuan Markets. Since they opened in 2013, thousands have visited these two markets. The markets are located next to each other and have over 700 market stalls between them. In these markets, like all the Koahsiung Night Markets, you can find the many famous Taiwanese snacks. Some of the local and foreign specialties found in these markets are Thai milk tea and German roasted pork knuckles. Some people flock to buy the fried crickets in the Kai Xuan night market. I personally need to pass on the pork knuckles and fried crickets.

So as you plan your next Asian adventure, please leave time for the Koahsiung Night Markets, as they are a part of the Taiwanese experience. Located below are links that list the many different Koahsiung Night Markets. Each has their own unique flavor. See you next year in Koahsiung, Taiwan.





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