Kaohsiung Port Taiwan

Port of Kaohsiung Taiwan
A beautiful day at the The Port of Kaohsiung Taiwan

 Kaohsiung Port Taiwan

Kaohsiung Port is the largest harbor in Taiwan and is the main port for container cargo ships coming into Taiwan.  This beautiful port is located across from Kaohsiung City in Southern Taiwan. It is surrounded by 6 different districts, including Cijin Island. This is the location of the ferry service that takes people back and forth to the island. Since the land bridge was dismantled in 1975, the ferry service has been the way to travel back and forth. By breaking the land bridge between Siaogang and Cijin,  the port was able to be expanded for the shipping industry. This is an extremely busy port, with many ships in port at any one time. The  Kaohsiung Port is an important port, and the whole economy of Taiwan depends on this vital link to the outside world.

On the southern side of the  Kaohsiung Port, there is a park and museum telling the history of the area. This is also the location of the shipping terminal 6. The park is enjoyed by the locals and the younger generation is able to see the colorful history of the  Kaohsiung Port. What this generation knows as the Kaohsiung Port, began as a small sleepy fishing village during the Ming Dynasty. Latter when the Dutch had control, they began to develop the harbor area. Taiwan has a colorful history of Dynasties and foreign governments. This little museum is one of the many gems of Taiwan. It is definitely  an interesting place to visit.

January March is peak tourist season in Taiwan. This is the time of the Lunar New Year. This New Year celebration begins New Year’s Eve will continue for 15 days. It officially ends with the Lantern Festival. This is the most important holiday of the year and an excellent time to book your vacation to Taiwan. While in Taiwan, check out the  Kaohsiung Port and discover the many museums that Kaohsiung City has to offer. Grab your passport and pack your bags. Your Taiwan adventure is waiting. For other places of interest in Taiwan, see our websites:





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