Kenai Peninsula– Alaska’s Playground

Kenai Peninsula Alaska
Kenai Peninsula Alaska

Kenai Peninsula– Alaska’s Playground

The Kenai Peninsula is the heart of the Alaskan playground. The Kenai has some of the most fantastic scenery on earth. Its rich history provides for the many museums found in the area. The Russian settlements are alive with culture. At certain times of the year, festivals abound.  If you are seeking adventure, then look no further. Kenai has something for everyone.

The Kenai River is famous worldwide for its Salmon fishing. There are many fishing tours available, as well as good fishing from the dock. There are lots of commercial fishing on the peninsula and it is easy to take some home. They are prepared to pack it for your suitcase or ship it for you nicely boxed with dry ice. No one need leave empty-handed.

The Kenai Peninsula is easily accessible from Anchorage by car. It is approximately 150 miles south and  a 3 hour drive. You can fly into the Kenai airport, which is a 30 minute flight from Anchorage. There is also a floatplane basin. If coming by boat, there is a public dock. Kenai has accommodations for both tourists and even conventions. Whatever you need, you will find in Kenai. See below for more information:

On the lighter side there are some very old and comical laws still on the books. It is illegal to view a moose from an airplane. If you have him in your airplane, it is illegal to push him out the door. How that was ever prevented I have no idea. Not to be outdone, are the bear laws. It is legal to shoot bears, but it is illegal to take a photo of a sleeping bear. Take care that you have nothing you would call an emergency. It is on the books that emergencies rarely are found to exist.  Sec. 44.62.270. State policy.

Back to the serious side of the adventure, Kenai is equipped to handle any emergency, if needed. In reality, they do hardly exist. Dress for the time of year that you are going. Find out where it is safe to travel and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. No matter where you live, Alaska is just next door. So grab your passport, if needed, and pack your bag. See you there!



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