Kenai Peninsula, Alaska USA

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Kenai Peninsula, A Mysterious Wonder

Kenai Peninsula welcomes you to the far North. This is a mysterious land. A land where the winter sun  is hardly seen. The winter sun must be tired, it  sleeps, most of the  day! A land where there is little rushing around,

Not even the dogs are in a hurry. This is a land of no stress! It is a land of no noise! A land of long winter days. Life here is slow and easy. It is surrounded in beauty.  This is the Kenai Peninsula, the gateway to Alaska.

The sun sleeps a lot in winter. It  sprinkles the short days  in a diffused, dusk-like light. These are the carefree days of winter. It is in winter that life is celebrated. During the long winters  there are many festivities. Some festivals  continue into the night. The women still gather to weave and quilt. Community centers have several women quilting and maybe a couple spinning wool, and still others weaving. The long winters are a time to enjoy each other and do those things which you can not do in the busy summers. This is the time to celebrate life in the far North.

Kenai….The Gateway To The North

South Central Alaska is home to over half of Alaska’s population. It is a major Alaskan playground. There is world-class fishing to fantastic hiking. There are  awesome mountains and lakes ! Enjoy all the benefits of this remote wilderness with viable roads. World -class Rainbow trout are in the streams.  Salmon beckons the angler. South Central Alaska has all the amenities that tourists yearn for. Kenai is modern! It has quality hotels and restaurants.  Kenai  is The Gateway to the wilderness. Welcome to Alaska!

Harbors bustle with cruise ships, There are many  fishing charters. Sailing opportunities are plentiful. Wildlife cruises leave for the Kenai Fjords National Park to look for wildlife. Whales and seals are everywhere. Come see the moose and the caribou.  The Alaska Sea Life Center has close up viewing of marine mammals and sea birds. Learn about Alaska’s wildlife. Watch animals in their native habitat. Explore Exit Glacier for an Alaskan experience.

Enjoy all that Alaska has to offer. Explore the wilderness! Hike the mountains. Fish the streams! Cruise the waterways!  This is the  Gateway To The North! It  is exciting and adventure is everywhere.

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