Ketchikan, Southeastern Alaska USA

Ketchikan, Southeastern Alaska USA
Ketchikan, Southeastern Alaska USA

Ketchikan, Southeastern Alaska USA

Ketchikan, the gateway to Alaska’s temperate rainforest. The bountiful rain has created a lush Evergreen Forest. This amazing forest is home to lichens, mosses, and ferns. It is just waiting to be discovered. How amazing this rain-forest is! The State of Alaska is a diverse playground waiting for the hiker, the fisherman, or the hunter. The camper, boater, and kayaker are all part of this interesting habitat. Live is busy in Ketchikan. Adventure is everywhere! There is fun for everyone in Ketchikan!

The city of Ketchikan started out as a fishing settlement. In recent years the economy has diversified greatly. Fishing still plays a major role in daily life in Ketchikan. Ketchikan has some of the best salmon, trout, cod, halibut, and snapper anyone could desire. Fish processing is a major priority in the area. For a delightful experience, head to the docks! Taste real fresh Alaskan fish!  Be there when the boats come in. This is the pulse of the community. Fun and excitement are waiting at the docks!

Tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the economy. The city is served by air and it is a major stop for the cruise lines that sail the Inside Passage. This is a waterfront city just waiting for the fisherman or those enthusiastic about spending time in nature. It is a nature lovers playground. Walk the waterfront! Hike the surrounding hills! Discover the rainforest!  Ketchikan has something for everyone.

While in Ketchikan, check out the Southeast Alaskan Discovery Center. The Center has exhibits about the land, people and culture of the area. This is an interactive discovery center. You will stroll through the temperate rainforests, and spend time in a native fish camp. Enjoy the large telescope, where you can scout the surrounding lush forests for animals and birds. This is one of the best cultural centers! It is Alaska’s best!

Ketchikan is home to many fishing lodges. There are both unplanned activities and organized tours at most of the lodges. Clover Pass Resort is one of the best fishing lodges in the area. It specializes in affordable Alaskan fishing vacations. If you want to fish  for king salmon, silver salmon or halibut, they are the place to go. They provide seasoned fisherman, as well as first timers, their dream vacation. The crew and fishing guides are professionals. The staff willingly goes the extra mile for their guests,  This is an experience that will exceed your expectations. It is fun! It is Alaska!

Spring is around the coroner and Alaska is right next door. So what are you waiting for? Make this the year that you book your Alaskan vacation. Discover Alaska, it’s in your own back yard.

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