Kokyogaien National Gardens

Japanese Black Pines

Kokyogaien National Gardens

Kokyogaien National Gardens, is a breath of fresh air in the midst of a large metropolitan city. This beautiful and serene garden is the largest green space in Tokyo. Situated in the middle of the park are magnificent Japanese Black Pines. These amazing trees have a natural resistance to pollution and salt. This unique quality makes them the perfect urban tree for an island nation. These sturdy and elegant trees make a perfect overstory tree. The overstory trees form the highest trees in the forest and thus form the canopy of the forest. Trees in the overstory canopy need lots of sunlight to grow. For this reason, they just keep getting taller and taller.  In parks and public places, the Japanese Black Pine is often trained from a young tree to have elegant and intriguing shapes. They are a classic bonsai tree. When used in this way, they require patience and many years to train them correctly. The Kokyogaien National Gardens has many Japanese Black Pines that have taken on unique shapes. What an amazing stand of trees! Enjoy the over 2,000 unique trees!  The Kokyogaien National Garden radiates peace and tranquility. They are an oasis in the midst of urban confusion.

Kokyogaien National Gardens comes complete with 5 original moats. These moats surround the Imperial Palace and gardens. Along the waterfront are places to enjoy the calm and serene water. This is the perfect place to spend a quiet and calm day. Whether you choose to have a family picnic or read a book, you will find rejuvenation for your soul. There is healing in the air!  Kokyogaien National Garden is the perfect place to rest from city life. Let go of the rat race and embrace the quiet and serene gardens of the Imperial Palace. It is never too late to reach out and embrace nature!

Kokyogaien National Gardens has amazing ruins of Edo Castle. Edo Castle was the largest castle ever built-in Japan. The castle was constructed on an enormous scale. It was built-in 1457. The castle was expanded in 1603.  The Edo government was established in 1603. The castle was vast! The remaining stone walls, gates, and moats are extremely important in Japanese Historical culture. These amazing ruins of Edo Castle have been declared a National Preservation site. Spend a few hours! Spend the day! Adventure is in the air! It is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the history of Japan. This is living history! It is unique! It is unusual! Kokyogaien National Gardens radiates peace and tranquility. There is healing and restoration in the air!
Questions and Imformation

Kokyogaien National Garden Office (Kokyogaien Area Office)
Address: 1-1 Kokyogaien, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0002
Phone 03-(3213)-0095

Admission: Free of Charge

Hours:  Open 365 days a year (The office is open 8:30 a.m. – 5:15 p.m. daily.  It is closed weekends and national holidays)




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