Ladies Mongkok Street Market: Hong Kong

 Ladies Mongkok street market
Ladies Mongkok street market In Hong Kong

Ladies Mongkok Street Market: Hong Kong

Ladies Mongkok Street Market is a bargain hunters delight! With more than 100 shops of bargain clothing and accessories, the women can haggle for hours, getting that best price. It is a delightful street in the Old Mongkok District.The market is filled with everything a woman could hope for. What are you waiting for? Ladies, it is time to shop!

Ladies Mongkok Street Market has a huge amount of women’s clothing and accessories, but that is not all. Within the market you will also find watches and home furnishings, CDs, and souvenirs for the tourist. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it, at the Market. Shopping at the market is a Hong Kong adventure.

Like all street markets, the atmosphere is fun and delightful. How can it be other wise? Women from all over the world are looking for the best bargain! Ladies Mongkok Street Market may not be where you come to eat, but just in case, there are traditional Hong Kong snacks available. Hunger can strike fast, with all that shopping. Grab a snack as you stroll along, or sit down to a bowl of Wonton Noodles. Hong Kong has some of the best Wonton Noodles worldwide! Those that are brave might like to try the curry fish balls and curry squids. The curry fish balls are a delicacy! For those that just can’t see themselves enjoying all this traditional food, there is a KFC  and a Seven Eleven near the Argyle Street market entrance. At the Seven Eleven, you will find all the traditional goodies that Westerners hold dear. Whatever your desired snack, you will find it at the market!

Visit the market in the evening and have dinner at one of the nearby Chinese Restaurants. These are the restaurants for the locals, and you will discover some of the finest Hong Kong cuisine. If you are coming to celebrate New Years, then celebrate is what you will do. The streets will be lined with red and gold lanterns. Red tassels will be everywhere. February 19 is fast approaching, so make your reservations today. The Year of the Goat will soon arrive! Grab your passport and pack your bag. Today is the day to discover Hong Kong and the Ladies Mongkok Street Market.

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